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What is Fragrance?

Fragrance is power.

Fragrance can, for good or bad, characterize any type of person, place, or thing.

Fragrance can change the world. Or at least the world in our immediate environment.

I would say that, other than the lauded physical, mental, and emotional healing results delivered by plant essences, a predominant reason why I admire essential oils, and therefore seek to learn about the art and science of aromatherapy, is because of their gift of fragrance.

The fragrance of an essential oil is an olfactory-transmitted manifestation

of the plant's vital life force from which the oil was distilled or extracted.

Their fragrances are what draw us to the oils, to set them free to do their duty of healing our physical and mental selves + perfuming our bodies and environments.

And what's even more gratifying is that these oils are available to us whenever we want or need them to be.

On top of that, the capability of creating products that act as vehicles for the oils to do their duty is right at our fingertips. Blending essential oils to use in various body and home care products is a technique that is easy for anyone to learn, and I created an email course to teach you the fundamentals.

The Blend a Fragrant Life with Essential Oils email course is your go-to resource to learn not only how to blend essential oils to create a fragrance that you will love, but also how to make perfume sprays, colognes, and room fresheners (to name a few), from SCRATCH, in which to use your blended fragrances.

Fragrance is Impactful

We all, every day of our lives, in some capacity, whether consciously or subconsciously, are impacted by scent.

According to olfaction researchers at Rockefeller University in New York, human beings have the capability of smelling over 1 TRILLION scents! Maybe more!

Which is awesome news for a beauty and cosmetic product junkie like me. I say the more alluring wonder I can detect and experience through fragrance, the better. And if the product is approachable and not overly complicated (i.e. it doesn't include a whole bunch of nonsensical, hard-to-pronounce ingredients), it's much more fun and enjoyable to use.

Fragrance is Active

Don't you just love practical, effective body and home care products that smell distinctive, lovely, and fresh?

Aromatic, lovingly prepared products that not only emit an array of fragrances but also healing energies born from natural plant essences?

Products that are joyfully easy to create and customized to fit your needs, wants, and lifestyle?

Well, have I got a resource for you!

Aromatherapy Email Course

Blend a Fragrant Life with Essential Oils, the free email course, will equip you with tips and tools that take you from an aromatherapy novice to confident composer of simple, but compelling synergies for a variety of products.

Click here to learn more about this life-changing course.

Recommended Reading

As is true with just about anything in life, when it comes to essential oils, herbs, and other natural ingredients, knowledge is power.

All of the books below I have read and highly recommend. Some of them are fairly recent; others are several years, even decades, old.

Not only are they still relevant and informative about the art and science of aromatherapy and fragrance, but they are also a joy to read and learn from.

Essential Oils + Aromatherapy:

The Art + Science Behind Fragrance:

Here is a list of trade organizations that serve the aromatherapy community.

Aromatherapy + Fragrance Organizations:

Medical Advice Disclaimer:

The information in this blog article has not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The information in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or conditions. This article provides the reader with practical information regarding handcrafted soap making, based on basic soap-making science and ancient anecdotal practices of health and beauty. In no way should the contents of this article be regarded as medical advice. It is recommended that the reader perform a patch test before using any formula described. The author and all invested parties will not be held responsible for any allergic or adverse reactions, contraindications, or ill effects from manufacturing or using any products described in this article.

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