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What is the Anointed Bar?

The Anointed Bar is a business built from passion.

Passion for books.

Passion for nature.

Passion for authenticity.

Passion for minimalism.

Passion for sharing and doing for others.


I'm Michelle, and I believe that, through the natural world around us, God has made available to us all that we need to not just survive and get by, but to thrive, to live abundantly in all areas of our lives, and to be our best healthy selves.

  • Nature gives us a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, from which we can
    prepare a plethora of nourishing, delicious foods that allow us to eat well, and live a
    lifestyle that encourages good health and wellness.
  • Nature gives us cotton, silk, wool, hemp, and leather - materials from which we make cloth,
    fabric, and textiles that comfort and clothe us, protect us from her often brutal elements, and
    enhance our sense of personal style.
  • Nature gives us minerals, metals, and gemstones - gifts that not only captivate our senses with their beauty but also offer a profound connection to the protective energies of the Earth.
  • Nature gives us medicines in the forms of herbs, flowers, and essential oils, from which we
    can prevent and heal diseases and illnesses.
  • Nature gives us oils, butters, and a variety of wholesome ingredients from which we can make our own soaps and body care products.

Every second of all eternity, nature is in the moment of showing off:

🌗 Feminine guidance from the moon

☀️ Masculine energy from the sun
🌧 Gentle, cleansing rain
💨 Sea breezes
🌳 Trees that stand tall, provide shade with their leaves and filter the air we breathe
🌈 Iridescent rainbows because she wants to reassure us.

Nature Exists for You

The Anointed Bar brand celebrates all that nature provides for us, and its unconditional love for all that inhabit the earth - the animals, plants, insects, and, of course, humanity.

For me, one of the ways I celebrate nature is by making soap, body care, and home care products. I've been making these products, and studying how to incorporate herbs and essential oils into them, for over 20 years. It's what I do. It's what I love. It's what I want to share with you.

Why "Anointed"?

I'm not a religious person, per se.
I absolutely believe in a Higher Power.
I absolutely believe in God/Source/Divine Energy.
I absolutely believe that we all are created in God's image.
I believe that, just by our existence here on this Earthly plane, we are "anointed".

We are endowed as Creators with gifts and power.

God anointed all of us to share our gifts with the world. To share and give our best selves to each other. I don't mean to sound all woo-woo about it, but this is what my soul holds to be true.

And for me specifically, God anointed me to share my love of nature with the world. The way that I manifest this anointing is through the products and content I create for you. For now, my offerings include articles on this website, ebooks, workbooks, and online courses.

What It Means to be "Natural"

When I first saw the quote "Being natural is not a statement, it is the closest I can get to being myself", it resonated with me profoundly. It completely represents what I believe, how I've chosen to live my life, and the values I hold in my business.

Natural, although a very broad term, is a lifestyle.

"Natural" is the prism through which many of us make choices that
affect all aspects of our daily lives, our individual selves, our families,
what we eat, the types of work we do, how we exercise and stay fit, and
even how we entertain ourselves.

I've always gravitated toward eating wholesome foods and using naturally derived toiletries, cosmetics, and home cleaning products. I've found great satisfaction from making, selling, and sharing with others my own soaps, body care, and home care products. These practices really are a reflection of who I am and what I believe. I wish to share many of these practices with you through the posts on this blog and the products that I create.

I hope you come with me on this journey.

P. S. I want to hear from my readers!

Tell me who you are, what you want to learn, how I can serve you, ask a question, or just say hello!

I appreciate you coming to my little corner of this vastness which is the internet.

I hope I share something that enlightens you, empowers you, or just makes you smile.

You deserve your anointing.

©Michelle Morgan, The Anointed Bar, LLC


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